NEW YORK, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The steps of the Texas State Capitol were frenzied with political protest when hatred rallied against Trump supporter, Joseph Weidknecht, who had his MAGA hat knocked off his head, and his «Proud to Be a Deplorable» poster ripped from his hands.

On November 13, 2016, just 5 days after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, approximately 300 people gathered in Austin to protest election results. The event aimed to be peaceful, but quickly turned violent, when Antifa singled out Joseph, the sole Trump supporter among the crowd.

Surrounded, Joseph noticed that a flame from a lighter was being lit at the collar of his shirt, when one woman stepped in and stopped the chaos from escalating.

That woman was Iraqi-American immigrant, Amina Moheddin. Amina arrived at the protest prepared to march against Donald Trump’s presidency. In the end, she concluded the event coming to the defense of the only Trump supporter there.

«When I saw him, I didn’t think, this is an Islamophobe, or this is a person that hates people like me,» Amina shared on «Brad Show Live». «All I thought was this is a person who made a political choice, just like any American has the right to do. And no matter what his political choice was, he didn’t deserve to be treated that way…»

Amina explained it made me her upset to see Joseph’s hat removed. «I remember that similar things happened to me when people tried to take my hijab off my head because it’s a symbol of my religion.»

After Amina arrived at Joseph’s aid and the crowd dispersed, the two were wrapped up in each other’s arms. They found common ground, which ignited a genuine friendship that defies the divisive political culture of today’s America.

«By talking with Joseph and people who don’t agree with me, I am always forced to consider things that I hadn’t considered before,» Amina told Brad Bernstein, host of «Brad Show Live». And while Joseph, remains a Trump supporter, some of his views have been shifted and altered by their friendship, he contended.

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