NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Apex Token Fund is a Fund-of-Funds (FoF) investment vehicle designed to give investors access to the most advanced trading strategies in the cryptocurrency space. The team’s private pre-sale was oversubscribed in an hour and they will raise the remainder of the fund in two rounds of public token sales over the course of the next few months. By tokenizing ownership of the FoF a larger audience of investors can now gain access to hedge fund strategies at a lower cost and without locking their money up for multiple years.

A quick look at how the Apex Token Fund of Funds will work

The rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market is making it harder for independent investors to realize consistent substantial gains. Active investors find themselves competing with advanced algorithms and data rooms afforded by new hedge funds. Meanwhile, buy and hold investors are overwhelmed by the accelerating rate of new technology and tokens to analyze.

Apex eliminates these obstacles by creating a diversified fund of cryptocurrency investment strategies all being executed by world leading hedge fund managers. This structure insulates investors from the risks of individual cryptocurrencies and is designed to track the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem’s growth. The team has wrapped this carefully designed portfolio of strategies into a token that unlocks liquidity in an investment that is traditionally locked up for years.

How the Apex Token Fund Functions

The Apex Token Fund invests its assets into hedge funds that are focused on cryptocurrency ventures. Ownership of the fund is represented by ownership of a new cryptocurrency, known as the Apex Token. After the fund has run for 24 to 36 months, Apex will collect assets from all the hedge funds and will distribute the final value of the assets back to Apex token holders in Ether (ETH).

By dividing users’ money across large numbers of cryptocurrency investment strategies, Apex can create a portfolio that is far more diverse than holding a basket of tokens.  In theory, this will lower the volatility of a cryptocurrency investment, thereby eliminating one of the most common reasons that investors hesitate to participate in this market. It further enhances this benefit through:

  • Extensive Research– Apex carefully researches every hedge fund that it invests in, selecting the ones that have a proven track record of picking the best cryptocurrencies. This further lowers risk while offering exposure to top trading strategies.
  • Regular Reporting– Every quarter, Apex issues statements around the true value of the token.
  • Improved Liquidity– Apex gives its investors the freedom to trade their Apex tokens as they see fit. This means that an investor who suddenly needs spendable cash will have no trouble converting all or part of their investment into it.

Apex is offering a 15% discount to investors who participate in their public presale.

Apex will be holding its public pre-sale starting March 1st, before beginning its ICO on April 1st. The more successful these events are, the stronger the long-term prospects for Apex and the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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