NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Travel Curator, a digital publisher dedicated to luxury travel, and Curacity, a data analytics company serving the travel sector, today announced that the online publisher drove $2 million in revenue to hotels. The Curacity platform has a proprietary data attribution network that helps drive, and then measure, the direct hotel bookings that happen by consumers who have read Travel Curator’s editorial content about that hotel. Due to the financial success of this program, Travel Curator is expanding its Curacity relationship to drive and measure the way Instagram posts convert to hotel bookings.

Curacity is a data analytics company focused on the travel sector. Their Omni-channel Revenue Attribution (“ORA”) product is a data measurement tool that  helps four and five-star hotels drive, measure and analyze how digital publishing content converts to direct bookings. (PRNewsfoto/Curacity)

With its proprietary data technology, Curacity identifies consumers that book a hotel up to twelve months after engaging with Travel Curator hotel editorial content, and converts that into commissions for the publisher. Unlike outdated last-click methodologies, affiliate programs, and cookie tracking, Curacity technology has enabled Travel Curator to measure the full financial impact of its content in a way that drives incremental, scalable revenue.

Curacity’s suite of measurement tools verify to its partner hotels that the Travel Curator audience booked their hotel after reading an article about their property, thereby proving ROI. For hotels partnered with Curacity, these insights help optimize top-of-the funnel marketing investments; for the first time in the hotel marketing ecosystem, hotels can invest in creating demand. At the same time, Travel Curator unlocks compensation that is in line with the financial impact its editorial content commands.

«Trusted editorial and social media content is a critical component to consumers’ decision—and, with Curacity we can see exactly how those translate to revenue,» said Melanie Brandman, CEO and Founder of Travel Curator and the Brandman Agency, an integrated communications firm specializing in luxury lifestyle and hospitality brands. «We’ve long known that earned media drive revenue, and for the first time there is a platform that can prove it in dollars.»

«Travel Curator is a digital innovator,» said Nick Slavin, President and Co-Founder of Curacity. «They were one of our first publishing partners, and it’s no surprise that they are also one of our first trial partners to measure Instagram. Our new product aims to seamlessly measure how Influencers’ content converts to direct hotel bookings for up to six months after engagement, capturing a snapshot of true influence. It will be a gamechanger for the Social media space.»

«If Curacity can do for Instagram what it has done for our publishing business, it will be massively exciting—not just for Travel Curator, but also for the media industry. This will be especially crucial for validation once Instagram removes the ability to like posts worldwide,» explained Brandman.

About Curacity
Curacity is a data analytics company focused on the travel sector. The company’s first product to-market is Omni-channel Revenue Attribution («ORA»), a data measurement tool that serves hotels. ORA helps hotels drive, measure and analyze how digital publishing content converts to direct bookings, while also allowing publishers to measure the connection of every booking that results from their content within a window of up to 12 months. Mike Keriakos, Co-Founder and CEO, is a digital marketing veteran who formerly co-founded Everyday Health. Nick Slavin, Co-Founder and President, has a background in real estate and hospitality private equity. Curacity is headquartered in New York City and Stamford, CT. 

About Travel Curator
Travel Curator is a digital publication dedicated to luxury travel experiences and essentials. The company’s founder, Melanie Brandman, leverages her deep expertise in hospitality marketing to highlight insights on where to go, what to eat, what to buy, where to stay and why. Since Travel Curator’s launch in 2012, she has assembled a global network of writers and contributors who create premium, trusted content dedicated to all things worth traveling for and they reach a loyal audience of dedicated world travelers. You can follow the popular travel publisher on Instagram @TravelCurator.

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