TRIBECA, N.Y., Sept. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — fishbat, a leading Long Island SEO company which combines proven digital marketing strategies to help businesses increase profits and expand brand awareness, discusses online followers and quality versus quantity.

The question of quality versus quantity of online followers doesn’t have a simple answer. Businesses need both at different times. Quality followers are more invested and have greater influence within the industry or the targeted customer base. A large quantity of followers creates more wide-reaching messaging for branding and traffic. Quality followers are best to encourage brand engagement; however, there are times when sheer numbers can help drive results and often both efforts are needed to impact reach as well as engagement.

  • When does quality matter Quality followers are engaged with a brand, meaning more online sharing, recommending, and other interactions such as purchasing. Quality followers drive a better return on investment for online outreach efforts. If you were building a house, would you rather hand tools to ten qualified workers or thirty people who have never used a hammer before? The same principle applies in online outreach. Better to focus on the audience who are more likely to take an interest in and engage with a brand. Quality followers will not only lead to more user engagement, conversion, and social recommendations; they will also improve the brand’s SEO through quality engagement. Utilize analytics to create highly targeted outreach that attracts qualified followers for brand growth and sustainability.
  • When does quantity matter It’s natural human tendency to take an interest in things that the masses seem interested in; people don’t want to miss out, and there is an implied value to things when many people show an interest in it. In this regard, having a high quantity of followers can serve an important role in your business, especially if promoting something specific such as an aggressive promotion, limited time offer, or a new launch. A high quantity of followers can help to drive new clientele to the brand while also establishing brand recognition through wide-reaching online visibility.
  • What businesses should do to attract the right mix of followers It’s important for businesses to understand what they want out of each campaign and to have a big picture online marketing and content calendar to plan times when branding and new customer acquisition are the priority and when promoting brand engagement is a focus. For a brand new business, many early efforts may be centered around attracting quantity to spread the word. To make a promotion a success or to focus on lead generation, brands may want to shift the focus to quality followers who are more invested. While quality followers are always necessary for brand growth, integrating a focus on attracting quantities at times can help with brand recognition and traffic driving. The most important thing to remember about quantity focus is that businesses should never use technical processes designed to show evidence of large followings such as purchasing fake followers or using spammy messages. Search engines are penalizing these tactics, and beyond that, they will deteriorate your online reputation.

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