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  • Media Coverage of the Royal Family
  • PTSD: With May Being Mental Health Month, Accelerated Resolution Therapy May Be the Answer


  • Digital Journalist – National Mortgage News (NY)
  • Senior Writer – Barron’s (NY)
  • Manager, Datacap – Dow Jones Newswires (MA)


  • 5 Questions With CQ Roll Call
  • Cision State of the Media Report: Change and Challenges in Today’s Newsrooms
  • Blog Profiles: Dog Blogs



Media Coverage of the Royal Family
Greg Payne
Chair, Communications Studies
Emerson College
Dr. Payne is available to discuss how media coverage of the royals has changed since Princess Diana, and whether media coverage will be different for Meghan Markle: “The current media hype regarding the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle is another chapter in the Celebrity Spectacle era, initiated by Princess Diana, and the global popularity and charisma of her son. It also highlights the unbridled incessant paparazzi spotlight and harassment of innocent related family members, such as Meghan Markle’s father, who now will not be at his daughter’s wedding.”
Dr. Payne’s research in celebrity spectacle began with the tragedy of Princess Diana’s death. Emerson College hosted the first national conference on Celebrity Spectacle and Diana’s death in Boston in October of 1997. There were two additional conferences, one in Paris in January 1998, and another in London at Goldsmiths College in August 1998. All three conferences featured top academics, journalists and individuals close to the “Diana Phenomenon,” including Dr. Frederick Maillez, the doctor who treated Diana after the accident; Rene Delorm, Dodi Al-Fayed’s former butler; and Lady Colin Campbell, author of “The Real Diana.” Dr. Payne is based in Boston.
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PTSD: With May Being Mental Health Month, Accelerated Resolution Therapy May Be the Answer
Kelly Breeding
Executive Director
ART International
Since 1949, the month of May has been observed in the United States as Mental Health Month. Breeding is available to discuss Accelerated Resolution Therapy, an evidenced-based psychotherapy that has demonstrated proven results in treating individuals with PTSD and other mental health issues: “PTSD is a serious issue that prevents thousands of people from completing their normal life activities because the traumatic memories keep repeating like a loop in their mind that replays negative memories. It is a debilitating health issue that creates feelings of isolation, anger, depression, anxiety and confusion. Individuals living with PTSD need to know that there is hope. For many, Accelerated Resolution Therapy may be the answer. Our approach at ART International is three-pronged. In addition to the original clinical studies, we are supporting new clinical research and recruiting and training more therapists nationwide so that there is greater access to this effective and proven therapy for post-traumatic stress.”
Breeding is executive director of ART International, a foundation that is interested in expanding the reach of Accelerated Resolution Therapy. ART International specifically focuses on increasing the number of clinicians certified in this treatment. To do this, they are hosting more than 100 training sessions in the country this year to certify local therapists in this therapy. Breeding is a clinical social worker with extensive experience in building community partnerships, non-profit leadership, fundraising, and program development. Her clinical practice has afforded her the opportunity to work among diverse populations with a specialization in trauma and life transitions as well as providing community out-reach for at-risk individuals and families. Breeding earned her B.A. in Communications and her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of South Florida, and has been trained in mindfulness-based therapies and applied behavior analysis. She maintains a strong conviction for working with individuals involved in systems of care that face challenges throughout the context of their lives. In February 2016, Breeding was selected to be the executive director of ART International Training and Research, Inc. where she oversees all policies and procedures and strategic and operational responsibility for ART International’s programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. She is based in Tampa Bay, Florida.
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  • Digital Journalist – National Mortgage News (NY)
  • Senior Writer – Barron’s (NY)
  • Manager, Datacap – Dow Jones Newswires (MA)



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