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Xandar Kardian NZEL100 PERS home IOT device with IR-UWB RADAR for non-contact vital sign and sleep apnea monitoring. Launching at CES 2019, booth 45449 SANDS EXPO.

Xandar Kardian’s disruptive technology targets both home-remote health monitoring market ($32B by 2023 Link) and the PERS market ($11B by 2025 Link). With increasing global aging population and higher demand for independent senior living, home health monitoring systems have been increasing in demand. Xandar Kardian hopes to deliver the ultimate peace of mind and security to both the users and their caretakers by offering 100% contact-free, autonomous monitoring of their vital signs 24/7.

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The ultimate home health emergency (PERS) device

3 ways of calling help when needed.
1. Dedicated push button press for 3+ seconds.
2. Voice activate: «Alexa, Ask PERS device to get help.»
3. Gesture control: Wave your hand for 8-10 seconds towards the device.

When help is triggered, the system goes through list of 9 user-registered «care takers» who will be notified of the alert one by one for 30 seconds via iOS/Android/Voice Call push notification.  If no one is able to respond to the request, the optional emergency dialing system will connect directly with 911 on behalf of the user.

iOS / Android / Apple Watch / Wear OS

One of the highlight features for Xandar Kardian is the ability for caretakers and 911 emergency operators to receive resting heart rate, breathing rate, movement index and other pre-registered health condition information in real-time. This provides the utmost peace of mind to both the user and the caretaker as they are en-route to assist.  On a day to day basis, the system can be used to record important long-term health sign data such as resting heart rate and sleep apnea for proactive wellbeing purposes.

To see the Xandar Kardian NZEL100 PERS device live in action, visit the Xandar Kardian booth #45449 at CES 2019 January 8-11 in LV.

About Xandar Kardian

Xandar-Kardian is a 6 year university R&D spin-off US-Korea start-up that focused on advanced radar signal processing algorithms. During the research program, numerous global journals and white papers have been published in various areas including health applications of IR-UWB RADARs. It included the ability to obtain resting heart rate, breathing rate, micro-movement data and sleep apnea (AHI) data without the use of any wearable device or contact to the body at medical grade accuracy. For more information on Xandar Kardian’s health applications, please visit Xandar-Kardian also provides disruptive technologies for smart-building, security and vehicle applications. Solutions include presence detection via vital sign monitoring, people counting using radar and object detection for security purposes. For more information on Xandar Kardian’s smart building/security applications please visit

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