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Topline Results:

  • Widespread feelings of ‘financial anxiety’ strongest amongst beginner investors
  • Lack of emergency savings, healthcare costs and student debt contribute the most to financial stress for millennials
  • Recession Shellshock Recovery: Beginner millennial investors are confident in markets

American investors are stressed about day-to-day finances but are confident in long-term wealth generation, according to a new survey released today by Rubicoin, the digital investment platform making investing in the stock market easier and more accessible. It’s no coincidence the top issues being debated in Washington D.C. – health care, retirement savings and student loans – are the top causes of respondents’ financial anxiety.

  • 80 percent of beginner millennial investors feel the burden of financial anxiety;
  • 68 percent of women cite healthcare costs causing the most stress;
  • 70 percent of millennial investors expect returns exceeding the S&P 500;

“Millennials are confident in the U.S. stock market to provide a substantial return, but are extremely anxious about their personal debts and expenses, ranging from healthcare to credit cards to student debt,” said Emmet Savage, CEO of Rubicoin. “It’s important for young investors to manage and pay-down those debts while simultaneously pursuing smart investment opportunities.”

Washington D.C. Creating Investor Anxiety

It’s no coincidence that healthcare, 401(k) accounts and student loans are being debated in Washington D.C. are also the top issues concerning millennial investors. Almost half of all investors cite mounting healthcare expenses and bills (23.5 percent) and a lack of retirement savings (22.6 percent) to be the two biggest contributors of financial anxiousness. For millennials, student loan debt, credit cards and healthcare expenses all measured equally as causes for “extreme” amounts of stress.

Healthcare And Emergency Savings Concern Women

A lack of emergency savings and healthcare expenses are factors causing millennial women to stress the most, which remain consistent with popular beliefs of millennials not saving enough for an emergency and women having to pay more for health insurance over-time.

Gen X women cite healthcare expenses and a lack of retirement savings to cause the most anxiety, followed closely by a lack of emergency savings. Women of both generations are primarily stressed about healthcare expenses and anxiety only increases the older women get alongside a lack of retirement savings. Being ill-prepared for retirement is another, if not the most, concerning fact regarding all Americans, not just women.

Millennials Remain Confident

For a generation that was shellshocked by the Great Recession, millennial confidence in the stock market is high (89%), likely due to strong economic recovery, record high markets and access to investment opportunity. These factors, coupled with the accessibility and popularity of online investment resources, have broken the barriers for first-timer investors who may have felt sidelined in the past.

“This mobile-first generation has fully recovered from the Recession and is taking advantage of a strong economy coupled with record high markets,” Savage said. “It’s a dual effort between skilled financiers and the tech community to create platforms, and furthermore a culture, where all generations can foster the confidence to be successful during times of economic growth and not carry the burden of financial anxiety.”


This survey was conducted online within the United States by Rubicoin using Google Survey technology in October 2017. 620 people classified as American investors from the general population completed the survey regarding their experience and views on investing and financial anxiety. 47.9% of respondents classified themselves as male and 52.1% identified as female. Generations classified as Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers were equally represented in the survey.

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Rubicoin is the company behind two globally successful apps, Learn by Rubicoin and Invest by Rubicoin, co-founded by Emmet Savage and John Tyrrell. Rubicoin’s mission is to get the world investing successfully. The stock market is the only proven mechanism for creating long term, generational wealth, and Rubicoin is the only company in the world to have successfully combined proven expertise and the ability to buy as little as $10 of any listed stock. Rubicoin is rapidly approaching 1,000,000 users across both apps. Invest Plus, their subscription based-app, doubled the overall market since September 2016, making it the top performing service of its type.

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