NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — What looks like a bubble, but makes a big splash? Introducing new patent-pending Water Wubble® – the world’s only refillable, self-sealing water balloon ball!

NSI International, Inc. – makers of the wildly popular Wubble® brand of products – has taken the classic water balloon battle to a whole new level.

Water Wubble water balloon balls seal themselves, so fingers never fumble to tie them. There’s no clean up, because they splash, but don’t pop. And best of all, Water Wubbles can be filled and refilled hundreds and hundreds of times – and to almost any size the user desires!

«It’s like having hundreds of water balloons, with none of the mess – eliminating tons of waste, which we’re happy about,» says Frank Landi, President of NSI and inventor of the Wubble Bubble Ball. «And because they’re so easy to fill and don’t need to be tied, it takes a lot less time to get ready, which means a lot more time for fun!»

Fill Water Wubble from a faucet, with a hose, or just dunk it under water. Because no spigot is necessary, it makes a great pool toy and the perfect take-along to the beach! Water Wubble can be thrown again and again. You can also use it like a water pistol! Just squish it in your hands and spray water all over someone!

Water Wubble is recommended for ages 6 and up and comes in sets of 8 water balloon balls (4 blue, 4 red) for $14.99. Currently, they are available at Target, Toys «R» Us and

For more information, contact Brian Waldman, Senior Vice President of NSI International at (917) 592-0701.

NSI International Inc. is an award winning global marketer and manufacturer of innovative toys and children’s products under such established brands as Wubble™ Bubble Ball, Smithsonian® Science and Oglo™ sports. NSI is headquartered in New York City. Its products can be found in thousands of retail locations in more than 30 countries around the globe. © 2017 NSI International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Brian Waldman
Senior Vice President
NSI International Inc.
(917) 592-0701         
[email protected]

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