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Clinch Partners with DeepIntent to Bring New Campaign Automation and Omnichannel Personalization Capabilities to Healthcare Marketers

Partnership brings Clinch's industry-leading platform, Flight Control, with advanced ad serving, DCO and consumer intelligence capabilities to healthcare brands looking to optimize outcomes and Rx conversions through DeepIntent's DSP

NEW YORK, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Clinch, the leader in dynamic ad serving and personalization and creator of Flight Control, the Omnichannel Campaign Management Platform, today announced a partnership with DeepIntent, the leading independent healthcare advertising technology company, to bring new workflow automation and omnichannel DCO capabilities to healthcare marketers, to optimize business outcomes and Rx conversions.

Healthcare marketers leveraging Clinch's Flight Control platform now can streamline their entire digital campaign lifecycle, from strategy through activation and measurement; and through Clinch's partnership with DeepIntent, scale personalized campaigns across DeepIntent's marketplace of curated, premium, and brand-safe endemic and non-endemic inventory across all channels and devices, including Connected TV (CTV), desktop, and mobile. 

"DCO is an incredibly powerful tool for personalizing brand messages to the most receptive audiences but Pharmaceutical and Healthcare brands are often creatively limited due to strict regulations," said Oz Etzioni, CEO of Clinch. "By partnering with DeepIntent, Clinch is unlocking new personalization and targeting capabilities, and a greater level of consumer intelligence previously unavailable to healthcare marketers."

Flight Control includes several native features that are especially beneficial to advertisers in the healthcare vertical, including built-in integrations with leading fraud monitoring/blocking services (e.g. DoubleVerify, and Integral Ad Science), enhanced QA capabilities that enable real-time feedback sharing within the platform, and specialization in CTV, a top channel for advertisers in the healthcare category.

Aaron Letscher, VP CTV Development at DeepIntent said, "Given CTV's ability to more precisely target consumers and provide actionable campaign data than linear TV, DeepIntent has grown 25-fold in CTV spend on our DSP in the last year. We partnered with Clinch not only because of their advanced DCO and Flight Control offerings, but also because they are leaders in the CTV space, bringing proprietary partnerships with some of the top CTV OEMs."

Healthcare marketers can also tap into Clinch's creative engagement insights to enrich DeepIntent's healthcare datasets of anonymized clinical, behavioral, CRM, and first-party publisher data in real-time, and without the reliance on cookies.

The joint offering is currently available for Display, Online Video and CTV with a plan to soon support Audio and Video-based Digital-out-of-home (DOOH).

To learn more about this partnership, contact [email protected].

About Clinch
Clinch is the recognized leader in omnichannel personalization, campaign management and ad serving. The company's AI-driven dynamic personalization technology delivers custom-tailored ad experiences at scale across all channels, driving best-in-class performance and consumer intelligence. Flight Control, Clinch's Omnichannel Campaign Management Platform, enables agencies and brands to manage the entire campaign lifecycle, from strategy through activation and measurement, on a single data-driven, automated platform that makes them massively more efficient, and profitable. Clinch campaigns run across all digital channels including programmatic, Connected TV (CTV), social media, in-app, native and Digital Out of Home (DOOH).
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About DeepIntent
DeepIntent is leading the healthcare advertising industry with data-driven solutions built for the future. Built purposefully for healthcare marketers, DeepIntent's platform is proven to drive higher audience quality and script performance. It enables marketers to plan, activate, measure, and optimize their campaigns all within a single platform. Conceived by former Memorial Sloan Kettering data scientists, DeepIntent empowers nine of the top ten pharmaceutical companies and the leading healthcare advertising agencies to improve patient outcomes through the artful use of advertising, data science, and real-world health data. For more information, visit or find us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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